We create ideas, things and solutions that inspire human beings. Why? Because our mission is to create greater value for our clients and their brands. No brand has value, if it has no meaning in people’s lives, if it doesn’t inspire people. But when there’s a true meaning, the value can grow almost infinitely from every perspective: functional, social, cultural - and financial.

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    358 is a creative agency.

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    We create stuff that inspires human beings.

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    We do it by using our tools.

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Narinkkatorille putosi cheddar.


Arlan uusi perhejuusto Hillitön Cheddar putosi Helsingin Narinkkatorille.

The Guardian Ad break: Hodor from Game of Thrones and Anneli from HSL.


The Guardian writes about the viral films we did for Helsinki Transport Authority, straight after Hodor from Game of Thrones. The director is Mr Teemu Niukkanen, and the films were produced by our friends at the Director's Guild of Helsinki.

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Voitto Grand Prix for Radio Aalto.


Our film for Radio Aalto won the Grand Prix of Voitto, the Finnish film & TV commercial awards! Congrats to our client Nelonen Media. Watch the film here.

Juttu M&M lehdessä.




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