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  • Launch of Arla Protein Arla 2014
  • Faces of Public Transportation HSL 2013
  • Launch of Radio Loop Loop 2013
  • “Yön äänet” radio HSL 2014
  • Are you a wiz of Finnish pop? Radio Suomipop 2013
  • Tobacco Body Cancer Society of Finland 2012
  • Scandic Easy – Click to Connect Scandic Hotels 2013
  • Open Source Stage Heineken 2011
  • Refugee ABC Finnish Refugee Council 2013
  • Burn Magazine: Sports issue Cancer Society of Finland 2013
  • #★ϟ*! (Swearing posters) WDC Helsinki 2012 2012
  • Visual identity Rapala WMC Corp. 2013
  • Shape of a rock logo Radio Rock 2012
  • One chair is enough Artek 2009
  • Visual identity Radio Suomipop 2012
  • Mini IKEA IKEA 2009
  • Style Nuggets Heineken 2011
  • The illiteracy font Finnish Refugee Council 2012
  • Common Sense Airline Norwegian 2013
  • Tastebuddies Heineken 2010
  • Kids as scriptwriters Tjäreborg 2011
  • Playlist Guru Heineken 2012
  • Take a spring break from driving HSL 2013
  • Kulma Sanoma 2012
  • International Hand Signs HSL 2013
  • The big picture KONE 2010
  • Pixel Society Tieto 2013
  • Please don’t laugh Radio Aalto 2012
  • Juoppohullun päiväkirja radiospotit Helsinki Filmi 2013
  • Stories on a roll Lambi 2012
  • Ballet Radio Rock 2012
  • My Stuff the Movie Unikino 2013
  • New Perspectives Artek 2011
  • Instant city holiday Tjäreborg 2011
  • Rebirth of Radio Aalto Radio Aalto 2011
  • Freestyle Open Heineken 2012
  • For adults only Tjäreborg 2011
  • Free decks for skateboarding kids Helsingin Sanomat 2013
  • Finnish Kitchen Nightmares Channel Four 2012
  • Real people all over the world Tjäreborg 2012
  • Visual identity Sibelius Academy 2011
  • Instant holiday Tjäreborg 2010
  • F is for Friday Foster's 2012
  • “Hush” – Saapuu oikea yö Helsinki Filmi 2012
  • Problem solving outdoors Cleantech 2012
  • Documentaries built by IKEA customers IKEA 2009
  • Lambi summer packages Lambi 2012
  • Nyt Battle Nyt Magazine 2012
  • Documentary print ads Nyt Magazine 2012
  • The new Lambi font Lambi 2012
  • “Mix” radio Welho 2010
  • Little things matter in safety KONE 2012
  • The Intelligence Gap Cancer Society of Finland 2012
  • Entertainment is good for you Channel Four 2010
  • Life happens Lambi 2012
  • Visual identity Tjäreborg 2010
  • Burn magazine Cancer Society of Finland 2008
  • Mugshot App JIM TV 2012
  • MasterChef Finland 2011 launch Channel Four 2011
  • S-group gift cards S-Pankki 2010
  • Card as an instrument S-Pankki 2011
  • People flow KONE 2010
  • Organ donation queue Organ Donation 2010
  • Priority Foster's 2010
  • Tobacco mafia documentary Cancer Society of Finland 2011
  • The land of the thousand lakes Channel Four 2011
  • Piilo and Vitriini Iittala 2010
  • Be smarter than John F-Secure 2010
  • The solution is in the catalogue IKEA 2009
  • In Finland you life is sorted out Welho 2010
  • The most stupid consumer Gigantti 2009
  • Anti-Theft & Mobile Security F-Secure 2010
  • Soft gun posters Cancer Society of Finland 2010
  • Partymeter Foster's 2010
  • Asparagus, salmon and house wine Restaurant Solna 2010
  • There will be blood Lunette 2009
  • Thumbs up! Welho 2009
  • “Finnish football game nights” radio Channel Five 2009
  • The really cool carrier Abbott 2009
  • The Book With Syringes Abbott 2012
  • The real Xmas facts Markantalo 2008
  • Style picking Gallery 2008
Launch of Arla Protein

Launch of Arla Protein

Sometimes a hiphop star and word play can be the answer. Our client Arla wanted to launch their product Arla Protein – a quark with 20 grams of protein – with a bang. The hiphop-musician and judge in the popular Voice of Finland tv-show, Elastinen, was chosen as the face of the campaign. The copy Ela täysillä is a word play on his nickname ”Ela” and the sentence “live fully.” The campaign has been a pr and sale success. Elastinen’s numerous Instagram and Facebook followers also enthusiastically took part in spreading the word.

Faces of Public Transportation

Faces of Public Transportation

Public Transportation in Helsinki was about to reach the mark of one million riders. We, together with Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) invited the Finnish photographer Lauri Eriksson to combine a brand advertising campaign, a community event and a cultural project by shooting an exhibition with the title ‘Faces of Public Transportation’.  The campaign was widely quoted in the press and even made the evening news. Everyone photographed will be invited to the opening of the physical exhibition later in Janury 2014.

See the whole website about the pictures.

Watch MTV3 newsreport about the campaign.

Loop featured
Launch of Radio Loop

Launch of Radio Loop

We were asked by Nelonen Media to design and launch a new radio station aimed at a young, social media -savvy audience. To introduce a radio for the digital age, we build the station’s identity around a medium familiar to the target group: animated GIF loops. With a hint of irony towards the ‘mainstream hits’ concept, it was also aptly named ‘Loop’. In the launch campaign for the radio was an internet audio stream - a site illustrated with over 70 three-second looped animations. The listeners could pitch in by adding their own GIFs. These “loops” can also be synced to the beat using a trackpad or a touchscreen. 

The original launch site

SuomipopWiz Featured3
Radio Suomipop
Are you a wiz of Finnish pop?

Are you a wiz of Finnish pop?

How to tell that a radio station that plays 100% Finnish music is refreshing its playlists and content but still staying true to its roots? We decided to make a virtual art gallery of the classic and latest Finnish hit songs. Users have 30 seconds on each art piece to guess what song it symbolizes. So, this means if you don’t speak or sing Finnish you will have no idea what’s going on.

Try the test here.


Cancer Society of Finland
Tobacco Body

Tobacco Body

Remember the pictures of black lungs we were shown at school? Tobacco Body is exactly the same thing done for the iPad age. It is a tool for teachers to show how tobacco changes our bodies. We’ve been working with Cancer Society of Finland since the inception of our agency cracking the same problem: How do we get teenagers to think critically about smoking? This time we thought about the school world and soon realized that those pictures in the books are still the same. Isn’t it time for an update? Can’t technology make the shock effect more shocking?

Go to and see for yourself. We also made a film about the site for movie theatres. See the film here.

Scandic Featured
Scandic Hotels
Scandic Easy – Click to Connect

Scandic Easy – Click to Connect

What do guests expect from hotel internet services today? When Scandic wanted to renew its wi-fi offer we went to hotels in Sweden to observe and understand what guests use the internet for as well as why, where and when. The new insights inspired user experience solutions that became the quick and easy internet login Scandic Easy – Click to Connect. It gives guests a second login option as an alternative to the voucher with a code. By creating an account, they can access Scandic wi-fi networks throughout the Nordics by just pushing a button.

Heineken0SS featured
Open Source Stage

Open Source Stage

What would you like to see at Flow Festival this summer? A crossover? A re-union? Your favourite local kids? Yourself? The programme of Heineken Open Source Stage, or O.S.S., was based on open source principles and Facebook liking. Within the first week and a half we got 150,000 visits, 2,000 suggestions for acts and the acts were liked 14,500 times.

Aapinen Featured
Finnish Refugee Council
Refugee ABC

Refugee ABC

Fighting poverty is what the Finnish Refugee Council does, and educating adults to read and write is one way they do it. The Refugee ABC’s letters were drawn by refugees in the council’s camps. In addition to including all the letters in the alphabet, this ABC changes lives. Companies and individuals were given the chance to buy a letter for the price of a professional illustrator’s fee. The generated funds are used to educate the communities of the refugee illustrators. The sales of a single book gets two students all the equipment they need to learn to read and write. Buy the book here.

SporttiKäry featured
Cancer Society of Finland
Burn Magazine: Sports issue

Burn Magazine: Sports issue

We created the Käry! (Burn) magazine as a youth anti-smoking campaign for the Cancer Society of Finland in 2008. Since then 750,000 copies have been handed out in schools, shopping centres and events. For the sixth issue of this campaign in the form of a gossip magazine, we took a positive point of view and made the current fitness craze work for us. Instead of focusing on a bad lifestyle, we focused on the benefits of a positive one. We sent out talented young journalists to interview Finnish celebrities, athletes and models. They told us how they stay fit and shared tips in the magazine as well as on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Encouraged by these stories, we hope the readers made the healthy choice and skipped starting smoking or quit. Read the whole issue #6 here.

WDC Helsinki 2012
#★ϟ*! (Swearing posters)

#★ϟ*! (Swearing posters)

In the “meat-packing district” area of Helsinki, in an old slaughterhouse renamed Kellohalli opened as a restaurant. Kellohalli has a different approach to food. Food is seen as fuel, a stimulant, a topic. Food can be anything, even a way to express feelings. The Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 wanted to highlight the restaurant as one of its main events. We did four posters to communicate the essence of Kellohalli.


Rapala Featured
Rapala WMC Corp.
Visual identity

Visual identity

Rapala VMC Corporation is one of the four global players in recreational fishing. Until now the group had not had a unified corporate identity. To help all fishermen across the world to catch fish, Rapala VMC has a broad range of brands including the flagship lure brand Rapala. We made the group’s corporate story based on the company’s strategy and operations. Because Rapala VMC helps people to be part of raw nature, we created a visual style, logo and typography with the masculine power of nature –  and one that also works together with the group’s many brands.