• Mikael Kivelä is our Head of Design


    Designer Mikael Kivelä is the new Head of Design here at 358. He will start to lead our visual design, packaging and user interface projects. Welcome Mikael! Read finnish press stories about the subject from Kauppalehti and M&M.
  • Voitto Grand Prix for Radio Aalto

    Our film for Radio Aalto won the Grand Prix of Voitto, the Finnish film & TV commercial awards! Congrats to our client Nelonen Media. See the film here.      

News Archive

Here’s some of our work.




  • Searching for Local Heroes Sol Beer 2015
  • Beer + Cider = Cargo Royal Cargo 2015
  • Under The Sun Cancer Society of Finland 2015
  • Let the music do the talking Radio Aalto 2014
  • The North Star Lapin Kulta 2014
  • Visual identity Caruna 2013
  • Milk from Finland Arla 2014
  • Heritage Label cheeses Arla 2014
  • Younited F-Secure 2014
  • The Board and Tissue Experience Kemira 2014
  • Launch of Radio Loop Loop 2013
  • Faces of Public Transportation HSL 2013
  • Tobacco Body Cancer Society of Finland 2012
  • Scandic Easy – Click to Connect Scandic Hotels 2013
  • #★ϟ*! (Swearing posters) WDC Helsinki 2012 2012
  • Shape of a rock logo Radio Rock 2012
  • See everything with the day ticket HSL 2014
  • Launch of Arla Protein Arla 2014
  • Employee benefits HSL 2014
  • Arla Kitchen sour cream Arla 2014
  • Open Source Stage Heineken 2011
  • Are you a wiz of Finnish pop? Radio Suomipop 2013
  • One chair is enough Artek 2009
  • Burn Magazine: Sports issue Cancer Society of Finland 2013
  • Visual identity Rapala WMC Corp. 2013
  • There’s no reason to be scared HSL 2014
  • Visual identity Radio Suomipop 2012
  • Mini IKEA IKEA 2009
  • Style Nuggets Heineken 2011
  • The illiteracy font Finnish Refugee Council 2012
  • Common Sense Airline Norwegian 2013
  • Tastebuddies Heineken 2010
  • Kids as scriptwriters Tjäreborg 2011
  • Playlist Guru Heineken 2012
  • Take a spring break from driving HSL 2013
  • Kulma Sanoma 2012
  • International Hand Signs HSL 2013
  • The big picture KONE 2010
  • Pixel Society Tieto 2013
  • Please don’t laugh Radio Aalto 2012
  • Stories on a roll Lambi 2012
  • Ballet Radio Rock 2012
  • My Stuff the Movie Unikino 2013
  • New Perspectives Artek 2011
  • Instant city holiday Tjäreborg 2011
  • Rebirth of Radio Aalto Radio Aalto 2011
  • Freestyle Open Heineken 2012
  • For adults only Tjäreborg 2011
  • Free decks for skateboarding kids Helsingin Sanomat 2013
  • Finnish Kitchen Nightmares Channel Four 2012
  • Real people all over the world Tjäreborg 2012
  • Visual identity Sibelius Academy 2011
  • Instant holiday Tjäreborg 2010
  • F is for Friday Foster's 2012
  • Problem solving outdoors Cleantech 2012
  • Documentaries built by IKEA customers IKEA 2009
  • Lambi summer packages Lambi 2012
  • Nyt Battle Nyt Magazine 2012
  • Documentary print ads Nyt Magazine 2012
  • The new Lambi font Lambi 2012
  • “Mix” radio Welho 2010
  • Little things matter in safety KONE 2012
  • The Intelligence Gap Cancer Society of Finland 2012
  • Entertainment is good for you Channel Four 2010
  • Life happens Lambi 2012
  • Visual identity Tjäreborg 2010
  • Burn magazine Cancer Society of Finland 2008
  • Mugshot App JIM TV 2012
  • MasterChef Finland 2011 launch Channel Four 2011
  • S-group gift cards S-Pankki 2010
  • Card as an instrument S-Pankki 2011
  • People flow KONE 2010
  • Organ donation queue Organ Donation 2010
  • Priority Foster's 2010
  • The land of the thousand lakes Channel Four 2011
  • Piilo and Vitriini Iittala 2010
  • Be smarter than John F-Secure 2010
  • The solution is in the catalogue IKEA 2009
  • In Finland you life is sorted out Welho 2010
  • The most stupid consumer Gigantti 2009
  • Anti-Theft & Mobile Security F-Secure 2010
  • Soft gun posters Cancer Society of Finland 2010
  • Partymeter Foster's 2010
  • Asparagus, salmon and house wine Restaurant Solna 2010
  • There will be blood Lunette 2009
  • Thumbs up! Welho 2009
  • “Finnish football game nights” radio Channel Five 2009
  • The really cool carrier Abbott 2009
  • The Book With Syringes Abbott 2012
  • The real Xmas facts Markantalo 2008
  • Style picking Gallery 2008
Sol Beer
Searching for Local Heroes

Searching for Local Heroes

Sol beer is about ‘Espiritu Libre’ – free spirits, who follow their hearts and inspire others to do the same. The global Sol Local Heroes campaign celebrates these people by telling their stories around the world. We gave the concept a Finnish twist by turning the search into a documentary – finding four unique stories: Pauli Hakala, the country’s first custom surfboard maker, Outi Pyy, a ‘trashionista’ specializing in recycled fashion, Tebian, an artist capable of producing just about anything, and Street Gastro, the two guys who kick-started an urban street food revolution. The films are directed by Sam Shingler.

The Local Heroes site

Royal Cargo
Beer + Cider = Cargo

Beer + Cider = Cargo

To answer the thirst young adults have for new experiences, we and our client Hartwall decided to serve them a totally unexpected drink. It was co-created together with Finnish youth, who we asked to taste a lot of different new drinks, and share their opinions on them. Eventually we landed on something to get excited about: Royal Cargo – a beer mix that combines beer and apple cider to create a whole new drink category. Next we did the branding, packaging design and launch campaign on social media.

Cancer Society of Finland
Under The Sun

Under The Sun

95% of skin cancer cases could be avoided with proper protection. The Cancer Society of Finland wanted to remind employers of protecting summer workers from direct sunlight. We brought together a top class animations team, an award-winning director, and a Finnish-Canadian wrestling hero for the voiceover – and as the cherry on top we added blazing guitars to the soundtrack. The result: a health awareness video for the mobile generation.

Radio Aalto
Let the music do the talking

Let the music do the talking

The hosts of a popular Radio Aalto morning show cruise around the Helsinki metropolitan area on their way to work and literally let the music do the talking with classic pop song one-liners. Few articles from international medias:

LaReclame   Conectica  Gizmodo

Lapin Kulta
The North Star

The North Star

Together with Hartwall we have given a revamp for an iconic premium lager beer from Finland, Lapin Kulta. We wanted to be true to the roots of the brand but give it a new clean contemporary feel. The new Lapin Kulta is a modern, fresh lager that moves fearlessly forward. A bright new red North Star is the beacon of this change.

Visual identity

Visual identity

When Fortum sold its electricity distribution business, the new company, Caruna, became Finland’s biggest electricity distributor. People tend to think about electricity only when something has gone wrong. The convention of the business makes it easy to be critical to distributors, because they tend to look like faceless corporations. We set Caruna apart from them, and brought the company closer to people by focusing on the positive things electricity enables in our lives. Visually the electricity comes to life as positive energy that flows through all Caruna materials as colourful plusses and minuses. Through all that it does, Caruna brings Finland a dose of positive energy.

Arla-Milk Featured
Milk from Finland

Milk from Finland

When our client Arla started selling exclusively local milk in Finland, it renewed its entire milk packaging line in the country. We took the task of designing the new packaging to reflect the new approach and the milk’s origins. The end results is a concept based on water-coloured illustrations that make the packages instantly recognizable – the packages are livened up with seasonal details. Each product type has its own motif to ease consumer navigation. Stripes indicate basic milks, balls point out low-lactose products whereas waves mean non-lactose. Bacteria-boosted soured milks are signposted with triangles.
Heritage Label cheeses

Heritage Label cheeses

Blast from the past. The cheesemaking heritage of some of Arla’s local cheese makers goes back to ancient times. We helped Arla dramatize the fact their cheeses have been the most wanted around since years back – Cheddar since 1170 and Bargkäse since 1840. We went back to the roots and brought traditional cheeses back to 2014, repackaging them and making these films and print ads to launch the Heritage Label to today’s cheeselovers.

More about the new Arla cheeses.



Younited is a new content cloud and collaboration tool created by our long-time client F-Secure. We helped F-Secure to come up with the name, brand identity and the tone of voice. The launch film is directed by Aleksi Koskinen.

Kemira BoardExperience featured
The Board and Tissue Experience

The Board and Tissue Experience

Paper manufacturers need chemistry to make the kind of cardboard and tissue their customers want. To bring to life the expertise and solutions global chemicals company Kemira provides, we decided to show what happens in the process from the start of making board to the final product. The Kemira Board Experience and The Tissue Experience are a zoom-outs that start with a microscopic view showing chemicals influencing molecules. From there the story expands until we see the final product at the factory.

Zoom out on Board Experience or on Tissue Experience

Loop featured
Launch of Radio Loop

Launch of Radio Loop

We were asked by Nelonen Media to design and launch a new radio station aimed at a young, social media -savvy audience. To introduce a radio for the digital age, we build the station’s identity around a medium familiar to the target group: animated GIF loops. With a hint of irony towards the ‘mainstream hits’ concept, it was also aptly named ‘Loop’. In the launch campaign for the radio was an internet audio stream – a site illustrated with over 70 three-second looped animations. The listeners could pitch in by adding their own GIFs. These “loops” can also be synced to the beat using a trackpad or a touchscreen.

The original launch site

Faces of Public Transportation

Faces of Public Transportation

Public Transportation in Helsinki was about to reach the mark of one million riders. We, together with Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) invited the Finnish photographer Lauri Eriksson to combine a brand advertising campaign, a community event and a cultural project by shooting an exhibition with the title ‘Faces of Public Transportation’. The campaign was widely quoted in the press and even made the evening news. Everyone photographed will be invited to the opening of the physical exhibition later in Janury 2014. Watch MTV3 newsreport about the campaign.

See the whole website about the pictures.