• Veera Kivimäki is here.


    Veera Kivimäki has joined us as a Client Team Director. She has a strong background of working with brands like Peroni and Pilsner Urquell at Servaali in Finland. Cheers Veera!
  • Jani Tynnilä joins 358


    Copywriter Jani Tynnilä has joined us. Jani has worked previously at DDB Helsinki and SEK & GREY with clients like McDonald's, Snellman, Lidl and Sonera. Welcome Jani! 

News Archive

Here’s some of our work.




  • Let the music do the talking Radio Aalto 2012
  • Heritage Label, Bergkäse & Cheddar Arla 2014
  • Suomen Syöpäyhdistys: Käry! Numero 7 Suomen Syöpäyhdistys 2014
  • Employee benefits HSL 2014
  • Maitoa Suomesta – Milk from Finland Arla 2014
  • Susijengi Susijengi 2014
  • Kutsuplus: Tuktimusmatkailijat HSL 2013
  • There’s no reason to be scared HSL 2014
  • The Kemira Board Experience Kemira 2014
  • Launch of Arla Protein Milk Drink Arla 2014
  • Mutkat suoriksi keittiössä Arla 2013
  • See everything with the day ticket HSL 2014
  • Younited F-Secure 2014
  • Faces of Public Transportation HSL 2013
  • Launch of Arla Protein Arla 2014
  • Arla Kitchen sour cream Arla 2014
  • Launch of Radio Loop Loop 2013
  • Are you a wiz of Finnish pop? Radio Suomipop 2013
  • Tobacco Body Cancer Society of Finland 2012
  • Scandic Easy – Click to Connect Scandic Hotels 2013
  • Open Source Stage Heineken 2011
  • Burn Magazine: Sports issue Cancer Society of Finland 2013
  • #★ϟ*! (Swearing posters) WDC Helsinki 2012 2012
  • Visual identity Rapala WMC Corp. 2013
  • Shape of a rock logo Radio Rock 2012
  • One chair is enough Artek 2009
  • Visual identity Radio Suomipop 2012
  • Mini IKEA IKEA 2009
  • Style Nuggets Heineken 2011
  • The illiteracy font Finnish Refugee Council 2012
  • Common Sense Airline Norwegian 2013
  • Tastebuddies Heineken 2010
  • Kids as scriptwriters Tjäreborg 2011
  • Playlist Guru Heineken 2012
  • Take a spring break from driving HSL 2013
  • Kulma Sanoma 2012
  • International Hand Signs HSL 2013
  • The big picture KONE 2010
  • Pixel Society Tieto 2013
  • Please don’t laugh Radio Aalto 2012
  • Stories on a roll Lambi 2012
  • Ballet Radio Rock 2012
  • My Stuff the Movie Unikino 2013
  • New Perspectives Artek 2011
  • Instant city holiday Tjäreborg 2011
  • Rebirth of Radio Aalto Radio Aalto 2011
  • Freestyle Open Heineken 2012
  • For adults only Tjäreborg 2011
  • Free decks for skateboarding kids Helsingin Sanomat 2013
  • Finnish Kitchen Nightmares Channel Four 2012
  • Real people all over the world Tjäreborg 2012
  • Visual identity Sibelius Academy 2011
  • Instant holiday Tjäreborg 2010
  • F is for Friday Foster's 2012
  • Problem solving outdoors Cleantech 2012
  • Documentaries built by IKEA customers IKEA 2009
  • Lambi summer packages Lambi 2012
  • Nyt Battle Nyt Magazine 2012
  • Documentary print ads Nyt Magazine 2012
  • The new Lambi font Lambi 2012
  • “Mix” radio Welho 2010
  • Little things matter in safety KONE 2012
  • The Intelligence Gap Cancer Society of Finland 2012
  • Entertainment is good for you Channel Four 2010
  • Life happens Lambi 2012
  • Visual identity Tjäreborg 2010
  • Burn magazine Cancer Society of Finland 2008
  • Mugshot App JIM TV 2012
  • MasterChef Finland 2011 launch Channel Four 2011
  • S-group gift cards S-Pankki 2010
  • Card as an instrument S-Pankki 2011
  • People flow KONE 2010
  • Organ donation queue Organ Donation 2010
  • Priority Foster's 2010
  • The land of the thousand lakes Channel Four 2011
  • Piilo and Vitriini Iittala 2010
  • Be smarter than John F-Secure 2010
  • The solution is in the catalogue IKEA 2009
  • In Finland you life is sorted out Welho 2010
  • The most stupid consumer Gigantti 2009
  • Anti-Theft & Mobile Security F-Secure 2010
  • Soft gun posters Cancer Society of Finland 2010
  • Partymeter Foster's 2010
  • Asparagus, salmon and house wine Restaurant Solna 2010
  • There will be blood Lunette 2009
  • Thumbs up! Welho 2009
  • “Finnish football game nights” radio Channel Five 2009
  • The really cool carrier Abbott 2009
  • The Book With Syringes Abbott 2012
  • The real Xmas facts Markantalo 2008
  • Style picking Gallery 2008
Radio aalto_feature
Radio Aalto
Let the music do the talking

Let the music do the talking

The hosts of a popular Radio Aalto morning show cruise around Helsinki metropolitan area on their way to work and literally let the music do the talking.

cheddar 450x300
Heritage Label, Bergkäse & Cheddar

Heritage Label, Bergkäse & Cheddar

Halutuimmat juustouutuudet vuosisatojen takaa ovat nyt täällä!

Kary-450x300 feature

Suomen Syöpäyhdistys: Käry! Numero 7

Suomen Syöpäyhdistys: Käry! Numero 7

Jo kuudetta vuotta peräkkäin ilmestyvä Suomen Syöpäyhdistyksen sponsoroima Käry!-lehti tarjoaa nuorille savuttoman elämän lifestyle-sisältöä ja julkkisjuoruja. Tänä vuonna lehti on saanut myös vahvan läsnäolon sosiaalisessa mediassa sekä helposti selattavan verkkoversion.

Katso uusimmat Käry!-artikkelit:


hsl featured image
Employee benefits

Employee benefits

358 worked with Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) to create a campaign for employee benefit travel cards. Unlike a gas-guzzling company car, company-subsidized cards are an environmentally and financially good choice for everyone involved. For contrast, we showcased (tongue-in-cheek, as always) real, existing “benefits” offered by many Finnish companies: expired Danish pastries, long-forgotten company gyms and the ”unlimited permission” to use the company microwave. The campaign was present on TV, radio and in digital media.

*) 358’s unofficial employee benefits include free beer, a company-owned biography of Teemu Selänne and a farting office dog.
Maitoa Suomesta – Milk from Finland

Maitoa Suomesta – Milk from Finland

When Arla started selling exclusively local milk in Finland, it renewed its entire milk packaging line in the country. Creative agency 358 took the task of designing the new packaging to reflect the new approach and the milk’s origins.
The design process resulted in a clear concept based on water-coloured illustrations that make the packages instantly recognizable – the packages are livened up with seasonal details. Each product type has its own motif to ease consumer navigation. Stripes indicate basic milks, balls point out low-lactose products whereas waves mean non-lactose. Bacteria-boosted soured milks are signposted with triangles.
susi 2


Basketball is growing fast in Finland. Beating top teams at Eurobasket showed how far the national team nicknamed Susijengi and the fans have come together. However, Finland had not directly qualified for the World Cup, but could apply for one of the wild card spots. It was time to tell the story of the Susijengi to the FIBA deciders… 358 helped with the application presentation and put together this accompanying video to show the passion of the team and the dedicated fans.


kp feature
Kutsuplus: Tuktimusmatkailijat

Kutsuplus: Tuktimusmatkailijat

Design-kirpputorille, vaateostoksille, lätkätreeneihin vai ensi-iltaan? HSL lähettää bloggaajat ja tunnetut suomalaiset tutkimusmatkalle.

There’s no reason to be scared

There’s no reason to be scared

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) wanted to target older people, unfamiliar with public transport and the travel card. Interviews and research conducted by 358 revealed that while many of them had a positive attitude towards the service, many were hesitant to try it.  The perceived difficultyof using the card and the reader was acting as a barrier to entry  thus keeping people away from trial. 358 created a campaign highlighting the simplicity, and challenged people to conquer their offers. It was paired with an attractive offer: a free 2-week travel card, delivered to the home door.

(English Case video is coming soon)


The Kemira Board Experience

The Kemira Board Experience

Paper manufacturers need chemistry to make the kind of cardboard their customers want. To bring to life the expertise and solutions global chemicals company Kemira provides, 358 decided to show what happens in the process from the start of making board to the final product. The Board Experience is a zoomout that starts with a microscopic view showing chemicals influencing molecules. From there the story expands until we see the final product at the factory. Zoom out to see the big picture of how chemistry turns pulp into board a

Launch of Arla Protein Milk Drink

Launch of Arla Protein Milk Drink

Part 2 of the Arla Protein campaign with Finnish Hip-Hop superstar Elastinen.

Mutkat suoriksi keittiössä

Mutkat suoriksi keittiössä

Arla Keittiön valmiit creme fraiche -maut tekevät kokkailusta yksinkertaista ja nopeaa – siis auttavat oikaisemaan keittiössä. Halusimme yhdessä asiakkaan kanssa kokeilla jotain uutta: luoda kategorialle epätyypillistä, erottuvampaa mainontaa. Vedimme siis itsekin mutkat suoriksi: nostimme huomiota herättävästi tekstit pääosaan ja jätimme tylsät raaka-ainekuvat vähemmälle.

See everything with the day ticket

See everything with the day ticket

Visitors in the Helsinki region only need 2 things: a camera and a day ticket for the public transport. With the ticket a tourist can travel freely on trams, the metro, buses, commuter trains and the Suomenlinna ferry – reaching practically every imaginable attraction in the area. Available for 1 to 7 days, the ticket also helps visitors to see more by saving time compared to walking. The ticket can be purchased from vending machines, R-kioskis, Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) own service points and major department stores. The campaign was based on insights gathered through co-creational interviews with both visitors and stakeholders in the city’s tourism industry.